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You talkin’ to me?

You talkin’ to me?

Recently, I received a letter from an organization that does good deeds and to whom I had sent money several months earlier.

Dear Nature Enthusiast it began. We were able to accomplish so many good things this past year, it continued. We could not have done it without help. But there is so much more work to be done to save our planet. We are asking all our members to donate generously this year.

As a very young Robert De Niro said so famously, You talkin’ to me?

Don’t you know that I already gave you money this year? Don’t you keep records? I thought I was pretty generous. Also, I don’t really appreciate that you don’t even know my name.

Are you making the very same mistake
in your letters and emails?

I hope not. You will never know how much money you did not receive, how many sales you did not get, if you don’t talk to your existing clients the right way. They won’t stay around to tell you why they didn’t respond.

Think of your favorite store. Does the salesperson remember you? Does he or she greet you by name? Of course. That’s why you like to shop there – again and again and again.

So why should you treat people any differently in your business communications? Your customers want to feel appreciated by you. Your members expect you to know their name.

Yes, I’m talkin’ to YOU

Even though you are mailing en masse, you are speaking to each individual who receives your letter or email one-on-one. A letter is not like a print ad, displayed for just anyone to see. An email is not like a web banner to be viewed by everyone who happens to land on that page. Letters and emails are received and read by one person.

Make it clear that you are talking to that very special person. There are two easy and effective ways to do that:

  1. Use their name
    It’s obvious. People like hearing their name. They pay closer attention. But too often, marketers take the Dear Friend route. Yes, years ago in direct mail, personalized letters and matched mail were expensive. But we’re in the 21st century now. Technology advances have made it very affordable.


  1. Use YOU
    Don’t forget there is a person at the other end of your email. Your letter is addressed to an individual, not a group. Again, it’s obvious but often overlooked. Use the word YOU and your message will be heard.

Talk to you again soon!



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