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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time…

Let me tell you a story …

Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a land not so far away, there lived several “smart” marketers.

These marketers, having graduated from top business schools, went around the village dispensing their knowledge.

“People don’t read,” they told the shopkeepers.

“No one reads anymore,” they advised their assistants. “They have short attention spans.”

“Why are you still writing 2-page letters?” they asked the village elders. “Stop it! Cease creating those long emails. And don’t you dare show me a web page that runs below the fold,” they ordered.

Are you still with me? Or have you stopped reading?

Of course you are still reading. Because you want to hear what happens next and how this will help you.

That’s the key to getting your message read.

Whether you are communicating electronically or the old-fashioned way, it doesn’t matter if you write four sentences or four pages trying to sell your product. If what you say isn’t interesting to your prospects or seems irrelevant, they will stop listening.

If you don’t make it clear that you can solve one of their big problems, they will walk away.

They will respond “so what?” if you bore them with the features of your services, instead of getting them excited about the benefits.

They will take their money elsewhere.

It’s how you say it.

On the other hand, if you take the time to uncover what your audience cares most about, and demonstrate that you truly understand and want to help, they’ll stay to listen.

Your prospects will linger to hear all about the ways you can solve their problem.

They will gladly send some cash your way if your words convey that you can take away their pain.

And if it takes two printed pages or half a website to tell your story, if that’s what you need to present a compelling picture of what you offer, that’s perfectly fine.

The fact is, people do read. You just need to know what they want to hear.





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